Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

The partnership between Tower Garden and the Boys and Girls Club began in the year 2013. Since then, their collaboration has flourished, positively impacting the lives of countless children and communities across the nation through the growing up grant program.

What is the Growing Up Grant Program?

The Juice Plus®+ Foundation has created a grant program that allows our representatives to apply for the donation of one Tower Garden® by Juice Plus®+ for their local Boys and Girls Club. The Juice Plus+ Foundation has pledged to donate one Tower Garden to every Boys and Girls Club in North America over the next five years.

Applications are reviewed and donations are granted and sent monthly. The club receives a Tower Garden FLEX Growing System, Grow Lights, a dolly, nutrients, and growing supplies for several growing cycles.

The Juice Plus+ Foundation makes the donation* of one Tower Garden to a Boys and Girls Club directly, shipping to their Club, and providing their staff member with the tracking information. *This is a grant program for a charitable donation of a Tower Garden, no PV or commission is paid on the donated Tower Garden.

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